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3 Bitters is an herbal tea mixture composed of a variety of herbs for detoxing the entire body. Bitter 1 is a powerful herbal compound formula created to address the Lymphatic system and skin. Bitter 2 is created to address the blood stream and organs. Bitter 3 is created to address the nervous system and colon.

Three Womb Cleanser

This powerful compound is not only an herbal antibiotic and anti-fungal (yeast) component, but also has amazing antiviral properties. The carefully combined herbs work together to destroy bad bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses throughout the vagina and urinary canal (urethra).

Cellular Regeneration tea

Cellular regeneration is the process of renewal and growth to repair or replace tissue that is damaged or suffers from a disease.

Soursop Leaf Tea

Soursop Leaf VERY High Potency Tea is VERY powerful and mainly used for Ridding The body Of Viruses and Bad Bacteria. This Natural Leaf Is 17x More Powerful than Chemotherapy with no risk involved.